Freeze-dried dog and cat treats and food pack a real taste and nutrient-filled punch

Freeze-dried dog and cat treats and food pack a real taste and nutrient-filled punch

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to know your dogs and cats are getting the healthiest food or treats possible without worrying about the fillers, overly processed ingredients, or the preparation time and effort you would have to put in to get it? Freeze-drying is not a new concept, as it has been used for decades in human food, however in the pet industry its popularity has only recently gotten the attention it deserves.

There are many benefits to freeze-dried pet food and treats including having an extremely long shelf life, being an alternative to a raw diet. The quality of the ingredients and its nutrients are second-to-none, it’s convenient to take while travelling, and most important for our furry friends – it tastes great too!

This all sounds pretty great, right? But the question remains, how does the freeze-drying process work? The following is the process that we follow at PureBites to ensure your pet receives the best quality food, treats and toppers possible.


Most importantly, we only use raw, frozen human-grade proteins in our products. In our own refrigerated kitchen, we cut or blend the protein into our dog and cat food, toppers and treats. Once this is completed, the still-frozen food is then placed into our freeze-drying chamber.


Once in our freeze-drying chamber, the temperature is brought down even further and the atmospheric pressure is lowered around the raw proteins. Through a process called sublimation, the ice within the currently frozen protein is gently drawn out of our PureBites food, treats and toppers and turned into a vapor. This leaves the protein in the same physical state it was in when frozen but much lighter and completely dry as the moisture was gently removed.


Once completed, which can take up to 24 hours, our delicious morsels of pure RAW freeze-dried goodness are removed from our chamber and packaged for your pets to enjoy. Our freeze-dried food • toppers and treats have all of the aroma, texture and freshness locked in that dogs and cats crave. And for the pet parents, you can rest comfortably knowing their food is still nutrient packed as this process preserves the nutritional value of the food from its original state. Now that is something to really love!

Are freeze-drying and dehydrating the same?

No. Though both processes result in removing water from the product, the process and quality of the ingredients in the final state are different. Dehydration, unlike the freeze-drying process discussed above, utilizes low heat for a long period of time to remove the water-content in the food. The two processes are different, but both result in yummy treats your pets are sure to love.

There are so many benefits to feeding your pet our PureBites simple, high-quality freeze-dried food • toppers and treats. We encourage you to give them a try; your dogs and cats and you all deserve it!

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