Sustainability within PureBites

At Purebites we value few, clean, simple ingredients because they’re what’s best for your furry loved ones.

We also know that our planet is changing, and we need to do our part to prevent, slow, and adapt to the changes that humans are causing.

Because of that we have started to update our packaging, change our processes, and work with our suppliers to get pet parents their dog and cat treats in a manor that is environmentally responsible.

We’re not perfect, no one is.  But this page should be a reference of what we’re doing today, and what actions we’re taking internally to improve for tomorrow.

We’ll update this information as new initiatives and changes are rolled out across our business.

Sustainability within our ingredients

Nothing Added

None of the meat that we use in any of our products ever has any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones added to it

Sustainably Caught

the fish we use in our treats and toppers comes from MSC certified fisheries – ensuring that their population will be perversed for generations to come

Human Grade

The vast majority of our ingredients are considered ‘human grade’ meaning that they adhere to the same quality standards as the meat you would pick up at the grocery store and feed to your family.  you can check each individual ingredient’s status on our ingredient page

Sustainability within our packaging

Starting in 2022, and still in progress, we are working on transitioning all of our packaging to recyclable materials as certified by How2Recycle.  This will allow Pet Parents to responsibly recycle the containers that our treats come in.  See below for the details on what you can do with your packaging after it’s empty (it’s a bit different for Canada and the United States).  To check if your treats are in recyclable packaging look for the below logos on your bag/sleeve/can.

Plastic Bags

the majority of our treat bags are packaged in HDPE plastic bags, and while they are recyclable across North America, Canada and the US handle them a bit differantly:

In The US

In Canada

In Canada, our bags are recyclable with your normal curbside plastic pickup.

In the United States, most municipal recyclers are not equipped to accept and properly recycle our plastic bags.  But they are accepted at thousands of local drop-off points found in the How2Recycle’s retail partner stores.

Find a store drop-off location

Mixer Trays

Our wet mixers are composed of three parts: the cardboard sleeve/box, the plastic tray, and the seal.

In The US

In Canada

The cardboard is universally recyclable everywhere, the seal is universally not recyclable, and the tray is readily recyclable in Canada via your normal curbside pickup.  In the US, check with your local recycling provider to verify recyclability.

Pate cans

Our Pate cans are widely recyclable in both the US and Canada, just be sure to rinse out any remaining pates before recycling.

In The US

In Canada

Metal is easily, universally recyclable.

Unfortunately, at this time, our broth and squeezable pouches are not recyclable.  However, we are always looking for recyclable materials that are able to be made into these types of shapes/packages

Sustainability within our offices

Our main offices are located just outside Montreal in beautiful Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada.
Just like the majority of Quebec, our offices are powered by clean, renewable hydro power.

Organizations we work with