Sustainability at PureBites

At PureBites we value clean, simple ingredients because they’re what’s best for your furry loved ones.

We also know that our planet is changing, and we need to do our part to prevent, slow, and adapt so that our pets and their human parents can enjoy the wonderful world we live in for generations to come. We have been taking steps (big and small) to make PureBites more sustainable.

We have started to update our packaging, change our processes, and work with our suppliers to make PureBites treats, food, and toppers more environmentally responsible.

We’re not perfect, no one is. But this page is a reference of what we’re doing today, and the initiatives we’ve undertaken to improve for tomorrow. Check out everything we’ve accomplished so far and make sure to visit this page regularly as we take on more actions to make PureBites more sustainable.

Sustainability in our packaging

Over the course of 2022, the vast majority of PureBites products will transition to recyclable packaging. Our new recyclable packaging is certified by How2Recycle and will allow pet parents to responsibly recycle our treats, food, and toppers.  See below for the details on what you can do with your packaging after it’s empty in the United States and Canada.  To check if your treats are in recyclable packaging look for the logos below on your bag, sleeve, or can.

Plastic Bags

Our new recyclable plastic bags will be transitioning to HDPE plastic.
In Canada, our bags are recyclable with your normal curbside plastic pickup.
In the United States, our bags may be recyclable with your normal curbside plastic pickup.